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Check out these clips where John shows you a few of the ways AI-Hunter can help your company detect threats. Want a more personalized demo? We’d be happy to schedule a one on one with you or your team. Contact us here to schedule a personal demo.

AI-Hunter in less than 2 Minutes

AI-Hunter Overview

In this video we walk through how RITA and AI-Hunter work.  We show how these two components can leverage frequency and other data analysis techniques to help you find the sneakiest of backdoors.

DNS Backdoors

It’s common for attackers to use DNS as a backdoor command and control channel. However, it’s very hard to detect with traditional IDS/IPS technologies. Why? Because the data in DNS isn’t consistent enough to write a signature and the servers used are usually trusted DNS servers. In this video we walk through how AI-Hunter can easily detect these troublesome backdoors.
Beaconing Backdoors (VSAgent)

In this video we walk through a proof of concept backdoor which almost all traditional IDS/IPS systems will not detect. It will introduce you to the difficulty of detecting beaconing backdoors and it will show how AI-Hunter can easily detect these implants.
Social Media Backdoors

Attackers are hiding even deeper in the websites your users use every day – sites like Gmail, Tumbler and Dropbox can be used as command and control servers for malware. In this video, we show how AI-Hunter can be used to easily detect these backdoors with beaconing data size analysis.
Installation Demo

Webcast Demo