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Training – Cyber Threat Hunting

October 4, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

Chris Brenton from Active Countermeasures is conducting another free, one-day, Cyber Threat Hunting Training online course.

So far…We have had over 20,000 students attend our training live!

One of the biggest challenges in security today is identifying when our protection tools have failed and a threat actor has made it onto our network. In this free, one-day (6-hours) course, we will cover how to leverage network and host data to perform a cyber threat hunt.

The focus will be on processes and techniques that can be used to protect:
– Desktops
– Servers
– Network gear
– IIoT
– BYOD system

The course includes hands-on labs using packet captures of various command and control channels.

We will also discuss how you can use our new Sysmon tool BeaKer to detect attacks on the host with Sysmon… for free!

The labs will enable you to apply what you’ve learned using various open-source tools.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand the tools and techniques needed to perform compromise assessments within your own environment. While the course will be available later for download, live attendees will receive a “Cyber Security Threat Hunter Level-1” certificate.

Why are we doing it? Cyber threat hunting is a relatively new discipline. As an industry, we are still formulating standards and procedures. We want to do our part by giving back to the security community. We are hoping that by sharing what we’ve learned we can help spark new ideas and threat hunting tools. Let’s build a community and solve these problems together.


Lab materials last updated July 9th 2022.

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