Installation of AI-Hunter™

AI-Hunter™ leverages Bro and RITA to collect packet information from your network and analyze the results. Bro and RITA run on a single system and connect to a span port just inside your firewall. AI-Hunter™ can be located anywhere on your internal network provided it has connectivity to the Bro/RITA system.

If you have multiple connections to the Internet, you can run multiple Bro/RITA systems, all feeding data back to the same AI-Hunter™ Web interface.

Do you need more than the default configuration? For example would you like to have a professional threat hunting session or threat assessment training for your analysts? Active Countermeasures has teamed up with Black Hills Information Security in order to provide onsite services. BHIS can offer a package deal which includes:

  • Architecture support in deploying AI-Hunter to your environment
  • Installation and configuration of AI-Hunter per your specific needs
  • A professional threat detection assessment of your network
  • Threat hunting training for your security analysts

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