03-25-2020 ACM Webcast: How to Cyber Threat Hunt

Active Countermeasures Webcast


How to Cyber Threat Hunt

Have you noticed that two people can be talking about cyber threat hunting and actually be talking about two different things? It’s kind of turned into this “thing” that everyone is talking about, but no one is really sure what it means. What is step #1? How do you know when a threat hunt is “done”? Is there a defined job description for a Cyber Threat Hunter? Clearly, it’s time to create some guardrails around the topic.

Presented by: Chris Brenton

Dowload Slides: Presentations >> ACM_Webcasts >> How_to_cyber_threat_hunt


  • 0:00 – Forming Voltron
  • 2:46 – Bad Guys, Bad Guys, Watcha Gonna Do When We Don’t Catch You
  • 10:19 – Can You Log Me Now?
  • 13:14 – Catching Bad Guys Wearing Parachute Pants
  • 21:26 – It’s Threat Hunting Season
  • 32:51 – Bad Guy Glasses
  • 37:01 – Threat Scores and Seven IPs To Go
  • 42:08 – Perfect Is As Perfect Does
  • 44:38 – By The Power Of Discord
  • 45:53 – Questions From the Floor?
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