08-21-2018 ACM Webcast: Attack Tactics Part 4

Active Countermeasures Webcast


Attack Tactics: Part 4

For this next installment of the Attack Tactics series, John looks at cloud security defenses. In the previous webcast, we covered the tools Black Hills Information Security (our sister company) uses to attack cloud-based two-factor authentication and turn cloud services against each other for password spraying. We also cover how we can create cloud malware to ex-filtrate data. Watch now to learn more about how to stop these kinds of attacks.

Presented by: John Strand


  • 8:41 Systems Recon
  • 10:45 Defense: Systems Recon
  • 12:55 Portspoof
  • 20:30 Scraping Users with Google and Burp
  • 24:21 Attacking Google 2FA; Credsniper; Defense: User Awareness Training
  • 34:52 Info and IP Address
  • 38:40 Git Access; Google and Others
  • 43:44 Defense/Security Controls
  • 47:40 What We Do
  • 49:40 Thanks/Extra Info
  • 50:00 Q&A
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