09-09-2020 ACM Webcast: Getting Started with RITA

Active Countermeasures Webcast


Getting Started with RITA

Want to search your network for malicious command and control channels?

In this 1-hour Active Countermeasures webcast, Chris Brenton walks through the setup process for RITA (Real Intelligence Threat Analytics), our open-source threat hunting tool. Once the install is complete, Chris will demonstrate how to threat hunt using the tool; so you too can hunt down the bad guys.

Learn more about RITA: Here

Presented by: Chris Brenton


  • 00:00:00 – PreShow Banter™ — PreShow Banter™
  • 00:12:13 – FEATURE PRESENTATION: Getting Started With RITA
  • 00:13:24 – What Is RITA
  • 00:16:40 – Setting up RITA
  • 00:23:41 – RITA Test Config
  • 00:28:08 – Import Zeek Log Files
  • 00:35:44 – Generate Zeek Logs From Pcap
  • 00:51:00 – Whitelisting RITA
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