Extract Specific Columns From Zeek Logs

About zcutter

zcutter is a program that processes Zeek logs much like the existing zeek-cut program and extends it. Like zeek-cut, zcutter can pull out specific fields from TSV-format zeek log files. zcutter goes beyond this to work with json/ndjson log files as well.


Primary Features

  • Command line option-compatible with zeek-cut.
  • Reads and writes both TSV and ndjson/json formatted zeek log files. All can be uncompressed, gzip-compressed, or bzip2-compressed.
  • Converts from one to the other on the fly.
  • Can accept multiple input log files. Optionally, it can write the converted log files out to a destination directory, allowing you to bulk convert an entire directory of log files at once.


Download Details

zcutter is available at GitHub: https://github.com/activecm/zcutter


Additional Resources

Blog Posts:

zcutter – More Flexible Zeek Log Processing


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