Active Countermeasures Webcasts

Video archive recordings of our live webcasts.

AI-Hunter Webcast Demo

The original webcast where AI-Hunter was launched to the general public. This provides a good general overview of AI-Hunter and how to use it.

Threat Hunting Beacon Analysis

Join Chris Brenton, COO of Active Countermeasures, as he discusses the anatomy of beacons and why you need to be looking for them during a threat hunt. He also talks through the challenges of detecting beacons, and some tricks you can use.

Attack Tactics: Part 4

For this next installment of the Attack Tactics series, John Strand looks at cloud security defenses. In the previous webcast, we covered the tools Black Hills Information Security (our sister company) uses to attack cloud-based two-factor authentication and turn cloud services against each other for password spraying. We also cover how we can create cloud malware to ex-filtrate data. Watch now to learn more about how to stop these kinds of attacks.

Attack Tactics: Part 3

For this next installment of our Attack Tactics webcast series, John Strand looks at an environment that had no Active Directory. This is odd, but it’s becoming more and more common for new companies to have everything in the “cloud” and BYOD. This is also a great case-study on how to access services like Git, Slack, Gsuites, Salesforce and so on, because even if you are still using AD, you WILL be moving to the cloud. This webcast is for everyone. Finally, as testers, we need to evolve our testing to be able to successfully test these cloud services. This means we all need to up our game and be ready for the next round of cloud-based enterprise technologies!

Attack Tactics: Part 2

This is the second part of John’s series about Attack Tactics. In the first part we discussed how we’d attack. Now, we cover the same attack, but this time we are covering the defensive components the organization could have implemented to stop us every step of the way.

“We cover event logs, new vendors, SIEM, UBEA and yes… I hate to say it… Cyber Kill Chain. Remember, the goal is to make your next pentester cry; to make hackers give up and most importantly to have puppies and kittens everywhere love you.” – John

Attack Tactics: Part 1

John Strand is starting a new series of webcasts called Attack Tactics. This first part is a step-by-step walk-through of an attack BHIS launched against a customer, with just a few obfuscating tweaks. He covers the tools, how we used them and any other tricks we had to pull out for the attack. The second will be co-hosted by our sister company Active Countermeasures and will go through the defensive side. Stay tuned for more details about that!

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