Free Tools

Active Countermeasures Free Tools

Active Countermeasures is happy to offer these free open-source tools as our way of giving back to the community. Please help yourself and enjoy!


Active Defense Harbinger Distribution

All of the best active defense tools in one distribution.


System Forensics Simplified

Once you’ve found a likely threat, the next step is inspecting the suspect system.


Network Monitoring Without a Network Sensor!

AC-Hunter makes it easy to detect threats on your network, but what happens when your workforce is scattered geographically?


A Passive Sniffer and Inventory Tool

What’s on my network?


Real Intelligence Threat Analytics

RITA is an open source framework for network traffic analysis.



Passive Fingerprinting

SMUDGE taps into a curated repository of signatures maintained by Active Countermeasures.

Threat Simulator

A Tool for Simulating Threats

See if your threat hunting platform can detect threats of different types.


Extract Specific Columns From Zeek Logs

View only the fields you are concerned with from your logs.

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