Active Countermeasures Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“We have been working with top right Gartner quadrant tools for years, yet AI Hunter delivered more critical actionable intelligence in 24 hours than the other tools did combined in 2 years. At last, let the hunt begin!”

  • Sam Ainscow, Barrett Steel Limited

“Well done Active Countermeasures!” “This is the only tool we have that detects X backdoor.”

  • Finance Sector Customer

“What kind of black magic is this?”

  • CERT Team, Europe

“If you are happy not knowing if you are breached or not, do not use this product.”

  • Cliff Janzen, OSCP, rSolutions

“When trying to discover suspicious activity that may have slipped through your other security layers you have a choice. You can investigate everything that you feel looks out of the ordinary and see how many rabbit holes you go down or you can let AI Hunter’s detection mechanism do its work and spend your time looking at what matters. We chose the latter and are dramatically more effective and efficient. With AI Hunter, we take the uncertainty out and just get to work.”

  • Cliff Janzen, OSCP, rSolutions

“Simplicity is key for AI-Hunter. It is not trying to monitor and decipher your system logs. There are no agents to deploy. It strictly monitors the connection between your internal network and the internet… if you’re looking for a simple way to monitor the traffic between your internal systems and the internet – you might want to check out Active Countermeasures and AI-Hunter.”

  • Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP Editor-in-Chief for Brilliance Security Magazine


“We collect a day’s worth of data, and parse through it, separating traffic into source and destination IP address pairs. We then leverage patented processes to look for telltale signs of command and control traffic, such as beaconing or exceptionally long connections,”

  • Chris Brenton, COO, Active Countermeasures

“By providing security tools that are easy to use and capable of protecting all types of systems, we want to assist our customers to implement effective security measures,”

  • Chris Brenton, COO, Active Countermeasures

“Great stuff!” “This tool is exactly what I want when doing a hunt.”

  • John Strand, Founder, Active Countermeasures
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