AC-HunterNetwork Threat Detection Software

Our Core Focus Is Identifying compromised systems calling home to their Command and Control servers

We Have Streamlined and Automated the techniques used by the best pentesters and threat hunters in the industry

Equally Monitor All Network Communications that arrive and depart your network

Advanced Automated Threat Hunting increases your security teams’ success and productivity

We Have Been Awarded 24 patents for our software formulas and algorithms

  • AC-Hunter can quickly analyze millions of connection requests and easily identify which systems or IoT devices have been compromised.
  • AC-Hunter continuously threat hunts the previous 24-hours of your network traffic.
  • AC-Hunter utilizes patented and innovative beacon detection and connection behavior algorithms.
  • AC-Hunter inspects encrypted sessions while maintaining data privacy and integrity.


  • No Agents to Install – AC-Hunter identifies compromised hosts on your network regardless of the operating system, hardware, or type.
  • Simple-to-use Graphical User Interface – Designed for everyone from junior analysts to seasoned professionals.
  • Safelisting – Safelist communications by source, destination, pairs, single IP address, class A, B or C range, FQDN, Org Name, or ASN.
  • SIEM and Slack Alerting – AC-Hunter can notify you of threats via Slack, the SIEM of your choice, or a centralized logging server.


  • Open Site License – Deploy as many copies of AC-Hunter as you need within your organization’s locations.
  • No Proprietary or Unique Hardware Needed – AC-Hunter installs and operates on a Linux-based server you control (metal or virtual).
  • No Bandwidth Restrictions – Use AC-Hunter to analyze as much network traffic as you wish.