Setting up a Secondary AI-Hunter Console for Disaster Recovery

Setting up a second AI-Hunter console

AI-Hunter is licensed under a site license – there are no additional costs for having more than one AI-Hunter console. This allows you to have two systems ingesting the same data.

You’ll need a second computer to run AI-Hunter with similar system specs. If you don’t have a dedicated disaster recovery site, you could use a virtual machine at a cloud provider. Make sure that no matter where you place your secondary AI-Hunter system, your sensors need to be able to ssh to it; if that requires a VPN, think through what happens if that VPN is unavailable.

Once you have a physical or virtual system with a supported operating system, run the AI-Hunter installer a second time and install it to the new system. You’ll only be installing AI-Hunter to the new system – you do not need to install anything to any of your sensors.


Sending all logs to both consoles

On each of your sensors, edit the file /etc/cron.d/bro_log_transport (substitute your favorite editor):

sudo vim /etc/cron.d/bro_log_transport

You’ll see a line like:

5 * * * * bob /usr/local/bin/ --dest

(Your line will differ and may have extra parameters; the above is just an example.)

Make an exact duplicate of the line you see, then edit the destination hostname to be the hostname or IP address of the new console:

5 * * * * bob /usr/local/bin/ --dest

Make sure you end up with exactly two lines, the original and the duplicate, each on a single line in the file.

If you’re not currently logged in as the user-specified (“5 * * * * bob /usr/…”), log out and log back in as that user. Now run bro_log_transport by hand:

/usr/local/bin/ --dest

Accept the ssh host key if prompted, and provide the data import user’s password to send over the private key that will be used for all future transfers. The script should send over the last three days of bro logs; these will be automatically imported into the new AI-Hunter console at the top of the hour.


Whitelist download and upload

After you do the installation, and whenever you make changes to your whitelist in one of the consoles, make sure you:

  • Download the whitelist to your laptop. To do this, go to the Dashboard tab, click on the gear in the upper right, select whitelist, and choose “Download whitelist”. (For reference, this will download “whitelist.json” to your browser’s download directory; you may want to make a dated copy of this.)
  • Upload the whitelist to the other console. Go to the Dashboard tab, click on the gear in the upper right, select whitelist, and choose “Upload whitelist”. You’ll be asked to select a file; pick the whitelist file that was just downloaded. The entries you send up will be merged with any that are already there.


New versions of AI-Hunter

When it comes time to upgrade your original AI-Hunter console with a new version, make sure you run the installer twice, once for each console.



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