06-03-2020 ACM Webcast: Our Threat Hunting Tools

Active Countermeasures Webcast


Our Threat Hunting Tools

We are going to bend a few of our own rules during this week’s webcast. We try very hard to keep our webcasts a marketing free zone by not showing off our commercial product. However, there are some technical aspects to how AI-Hunter threat hunts the network which makes it unique within the industry. It’s difficult to talk about why these techniques are best practice, without showing the tool itself. So in the webcast this week we will be highlighting both our open source and commercial threat hunting tools.

We still plan to keep this talk very technical, but we wanted to give a heads up that we will be leveraging our commercial product during the main part of the webcast. If you are an open-source purist, please feel free to skip this cast and join us on the next one. Otherwise, please join us to learn what techniques we leverage to both simplify as well as expedite the process of detecting malicious actors that have made it past an organization’s defenses.

slide deck can be found Here inside the ACM_Webcasts folder

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Presented by: Chris Brenton & Bill Stearns


  • 00:00 – PreShow Banter™ – Self Titled
  • 02:47 – John Gives Thanks
  • 03:40 – Our Threat Hunting Tools
  • 04:31 – The Purpose of Threat Hunting
  • 08:29 – How To Learn More
  • 09:03 – RITA
  • 11:30 – AI-Hunter Demo
  • 44:40 – Passer
  • 59:20 – Got Questions?
  • 1:04:33 – Passer Demo
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