AC-Hunter Community Edition

AC-Hunter™ Community Edition

We’ve released a free version of AC-Hunter to ensure that “price” is not an inhibitor to threat hunting your environment. The free Community Edition of AC-Hunter has a majority of the functionality (with some limitations) that is available in the paid Enterprise Edition of AC-Hunter and retains the same powerful threat hunting analytics and network insights.

Happy Hunting!

Thank you for checking out AC-Hunter Community Edition! ACH CE is available as an install script or a VMWare virtual image. Which one you should choose depends on your specific user case.

Choose the Install Script if:

  • You want to closely match a typical enterprise deployment
  • You want to do a Proof of Concept (PoC) in your work environment
  • You want the option of installing Zeek or one of our open source tools (like BeaKer)


Choose the VMWare VM Image if:

  • You just want to set up ACH CE as quickly as possible to check it out
  • You have Zeek logs or pcaps you want to manually copy over and analyze


Choose the VMWare VM Image instructions from John Strand’s Webcast if:

  • You want to deploy ACH CE on your home network

If you are just curious as to the differences between AC-Hunter Enterprise and AC-Hunter Community Edition, here’s a snazzy chart:

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