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AC-Hunter Community Edition v6.3.0-CE VMWare Image

The AC-Hunter Community Edition pre-installed within a virtual machine (VMX FILE)

If you are interested in a quick peek at AC-Hunter Community Edition, it is available as a VMWare virtual machine.

Your host system will need a copy of VMware installed. This can be VMware Workstation (14.x or higher), Fusion (10.x or higher), or ESXi (6.7 or higher).

The virtual machine is approximately 7.7 GB in size. If you want to verify the download, here’s the SHA-256 hash for the file:



We have created a YouTube video that will walk you through the installation process:

If you prefer written words, we have an Install Guide to guide you through the process.

If you are unsure of AC-Hunter Community Edition’s system requirements, or how it should be deployed on your network, you may want to check out our Pre-Install Guide.

If you need some help navigating the user interface, you may want to check out the User Guide.


If you have questions that are not answered in any of the above guides, please check out our Community Support page.

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