AC-Hunter Community Edition Download Options

Choose one of the download options that works best for your environment. Either one will provide you a complete copy of AC-Hunter Community Edition.

AC-Hunter Community Edition v6.3.0-CE Virtual Machine for VMware

The AC-Hunter Community Edition pre-installed within a virtual machine (VMX FILE).

Your host system will need a copy of VMware installed. This can be VMware Workstation (14.x or higher), Fusion (10.x or higher), or ESXi (6.7 or higher).

You can find the Install guide here.

Size: 7.7GB

sha256sum: 28D21E75F6FA76F0DE4A1EB7D26F3717194F2AAB408AB6C8913CF7E77AB06B6A

AC-Hunter Community Edition v6.3.0-CE Installer for Linux

The AC-Hunter Community Edition complete installation package for Linux systems (TAR FILE).

Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 LTS (Long Term Support), Centos 7.x, and RHEL 7.x are fully supported.

You can find the Install guide here.

Size: 2.2GB

sha256sum: 254AF06449DF04042504E150D027909006358A85EC1EE1F6B4CE96EB1775EB83

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