AI-Hunter Pricing

Ready to threat hunt?

AI-Hunter is currently in open beta which is reflected in our current pricing. Stay tuned for our Enterprise version which is due out this Fall! At that time, AI-Hunter pricing will be increased to be more in-line with a true enterprise product.

However, customers that have signed up during the open beta will continue to enjoy the lower pricing and open license that was in effect during the open beta. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our early adopters. Please contact Sales if you have any questions.

Initial Purchase - 1st Year
Initial download of AI-Hunter
Customer Support
Updates and Feature Improvements
Patches and Fixes
Access to Threat Hunting Tricks and Tips
Subscription - Year 2+
Continued access to Customer Support
Continued access to Updates and Improvements
Continued access to Patches and Fixes
Continued access to Threat Hunting Tricks and Tips

If your company requires a purchase order number, please contact us so we can help you with any special needs or questions you may have.