AI-Hunter Pricing

Let The Hunt Begin!

The cost of AI-Hunter is $8,998 the first year and $3,999 per year after that. The subscription includes an open site license. This means that if you need to deploy one copy or 10, the price is the same. We don’t charge extra based on bandwidth or usage. One price covers everything. The only restriction is that AI-Hunter should be limited to protecting your organization’s network. If you would like to extend protection to a business partner, another license is required. Please contact sales if you have any questions. We are happy to work with your requirements.

Yes we know we are inexpensive compared to our competition. In fact, in most cases you’ll find us to be cheaper than the sales tax on comparable tools. We are a self funded group of security professionals that are passionate about giving back to the community. We want to make a difference and help secure the Internet. This desire is reflected in our pricing. There are no hidden fees or upcharges. Let’s just get to work catching the bad guys.

Initial Purchase - 1st Year
Initial download of AI-Hunter
Customer Support
Updates and Feature Improvements
Patches and Fixes
Access to Threat Hunting Tricks and Tips
Subscription - Year 2+
Continued access to Customer Support
Continued access to Updates and Improvements
Continued access to Patches and Fixes
Continued access to Threat Hunting Tricks and Tips

If your company requires a purchase order number, please contact us so we can help you with any special needs or questions you may have.