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One of the questions my wife and I constantly ask ourselves is why we have built BHIS and Active Countermeasures. We ask ourselves this as a way to constantly refocus on what matters to us as individuals and what matters to the world around us. We come back to the same themes again and again. Our companies exist for the betterment of all the people who work with us. Not for profits. Not for market share. Not for greed. Thankfully this is also a value that is shared by our employees and with Chris Brenton (Active Countermeasures COO).

Jason Blanchard, our content and community director, always starts meetings with a simple phrase:

“Do Good and Good Things Will Happen to Us.”

And the universe at large has been very good to us.

But, that goal can go beyond just our companies. We can extend these values to the world at large.

To that end, Active Countermeasures will offer a free version of AI Hunter to any groups who are working to keep our elections safe and secure.

We feel that at this juncture in American history it is more critical than ever that all citizens help protect what should be fundamental right and privilege to every American citizen. To have one vote denied is denying the very existence and voice of that unique individual. To have a vote maliciously erased or changed via a cyber attack is an equal injustice.

But, this is an injustice we can help stop.

Further, we call upon any and all security companies that offer services and products to do likewise. It is time for us all to briefly put profits and corporate competition aside and focus on a common goal of helping safeguard our elections.

Go forth and do good things,

~John, Eric, & Chris.

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