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One of the biggest challenges in threat hunting is getting your team and process off the ground. Once you get the first couple hunts out of the way, you can improve and iterate. That initial launch, however, can be a real obstacle. With this in mind, we want to help smooth out any early bumps in the road. 


Introducing THAT

Active Countermeasures is proud to announce a new service: “Threat Hunting Assistance Team” — or “THAT” for short. 

The service is designed to help elevate some of the challenges you may encounter as you spin up your threat hunting processes. THAT services will be available to all new direct AC-Hunter customers. The service will not be available to MSPs/MSSPs or those who purchase through one of our partners.


What is THAT?

THAT is live support AC-Hunter customers can use to help get their installation off the ground or perform an initial hunt of their environment. 


THAT Details

  • Sessions are in 30 minute increments.
  • Customer gets 3 hours total and can use it for: 
    • installation walk-through
    • live investigation of potential command and control traffic
    • Support on initial findings 
  • In addition to the specific task being handled above, we’ll explain the process as we go so customers are empowered to handle similar occurrences on their own. 
  • The service is now integrated into our support/questions self-scheduling system.
  • THAT services are offered outside of normal support activities. These will not count against the 3 hours of THAT service. 
  • More than one threat hunter at the customer’s site can take part in the calls.

Please inquire about THAT services during the initial purchase process. 



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