New Beacon Graph in the Works

One of the things I love about this gig is talking to customers, especially those that are willing to share their input. I have been receiving feedback that the beaconing detail graph was a bit confusing for first time users. If you are not familiar with it, this is what it looks like:

While the design is slick and aesthetically pleasing, there was a bit of confusion around the concentric circles. Do the color codes mean anything? What about the thickness of the lines? Does it convey information if the circle is towards the outside versus the inside of the circle? Good UI should always be intuitive. You should not have to wrestle with questions like these in order to get your job done.

So based on customer feedback, we reworked the graph:

It conveys all of the same information, but in a much cleaner format. Now an analyst can just focus on getting their job done. This change is currently moving through engineering and testing. We expect it to go live in the very near future.

Are you a customer with a suggested improvement? We listen and absolutely value your feedback!


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