08-05-2020 ACM Webcast: Hacking RITA

Active Countermeasures Webcast


Hacking RITA

Have you ever wanted something to be slightly different in RITA? To contribute a new feature, perhaps, or customize the input and output fields of your local version?

Many of our users are not developers, and even if they are, the complexity of the project can quickly become overwhelming or intimidating. We get frequent feedback with the common, underlying blocker of needing to “sit down and learn GO”. You don’t need to learn GO to start working with it!

In this webcast, we go through the process that new devs use to start working with a new language they don’t know. We set up your work environment, isolate which files in the project are relevant to what you want to change, and walk through making minor tweaks together. We will make mistakes, search stack overflow, and get you started hacking on RITA!

slide deck can be found Here inside the ACM_Webcasts folder

Download RITA: Here

Presented by: Lisa Woody & Naomi Kramer


  • 0:00 – PreShow Banter™ – Many New Faces
  • 3:42 – Hacking RITA
  • 6:02 – Workspace Setup
  • 7:49 – RITA Repo Cheat Sheet
  • 9:29 – Database Cheat Sheet
  • 11:09 – Metadata Cheat Sheet
  • 12:07 – RITA Commands
  • 14:06 – RITA Command File
  • 15:22 – Lisa’s Lazy Dev Quickstart
  • 18:37 – What About Arguments
  • 20:53 – Build A Query
  • 21:43 – Query Time
  • 29:27 – Bonus: Alternative Query
  • 35:02 – Slap a BSON
  • 40:47 – Testing / Bonus: RegEx Results!
  • 41:36 – HTML Output Woes?
  • 1:00:05 – Got Questions?
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